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  1. JesseE

    WANTED MS460 & MS440 New OEM p/c kit

    Wanting a new OEM piston and cylinder kit for a stihl MS440 and one for Stihl MS460. Thanks
  2. Stump Shot

    A Stihl 440 work saw

    Had the opportunity to work over a Stihl MS440 to make it a great work saw. Here's some pics of the journey along the way.
  3. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl 044 Parts

  4. quattro90

    SOLD Stihl 044 K&S P/C Long Block Slantfin

    Stihl 044 K&S P/C Long Block. Crank turns over smoothly. Slight bit of play on flywheel side bearing. No scoring visible on P/C. Case bottom is in mediocre condition and shows wear. See pictures $75 shipped in lower 48 except for Left Coast (PM for shipping quote). PM with any additional...
  5. Jon1212

    SOLD MS440 (not for the PSP)

    I've had this saw for a few months now, and have run around 15 tanks through it. It runs very well, but with my acquisition of a 461, I just don't see myself using this saw very much. The Good: It runs, idles, and oils very well. It has really good compression (just under 140# @4700'). This...
  6. flhx

    MS440 Magnum Low Compression?

    Newbie checking in here; I just received a Stihl MS440 Magnum from a friend. It's a non runner. The first thing I checked was spark (good) and compression (90 PSI) I removed the exhaust and the piston does not appear to be scored, the rings don't appear to be in to bad of shape. I'm thinking...
  7. B

    FarmerTec Huztl MS440 Chainsaw Copy Kits

    I am posting about these kits in general. I and others have found these kits to be a ton of fun. I know that many will turn your nose up and that's fine, just move on. I am writing for the audience that likes a puzzle and enjoys problem solving and is capable of manufacturing a chainsaw. These...
  8. jb-chainsaws

    Stihl 044/ms440

    I actually posted this over on AS however i was invited to this site today so I thought I'd share it with you guys. Oh and Hi! I've been offered an 044/440 hybrid, built out of almost entirely brand new and all genuine Stihl parts. Here's the list: -Brand new 440 crank case, bearings...