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  1. Benjo

    MS261C-M v.II Help Needed

    Running out of ideas on this one, any help is welcomed! This is only the second 261 v2 I've worked on, and also the second Stihl mtronic, so forgive any basics I've missed! I liked the first 261 I worked on, and ended up buying this one for myself to see if it would unseat my 550 as most-used...
  2. GCJenks204

    SOLD MS461 Arctics

    This is a saw that I sold once, shipped it away and then Canada Post / USPS handled it with great care. Case was damaged, currenly on its way to Randy to have the case half replaced and then will be available to be shipped to you. More updates to follow later in thread. PM with any...
  3. Jon1212


    I finally received the saw I ordered with my Stihl Rewards points. It is a brand new MS261C-M with a 16" bar and 67dl loop of 325 .063. I haven't even opened the box yet. I would like $525 shipped and insured via FedEx to the lower 48. I will open the box to inspect it for any damage, and to...