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  1. Haydenabo


    Hello, my name is Haytum from tucker Georgia. I’m trying to get my hands on an MS241c. Would like to find one here I. The states preferably. Lightly used, like new or brand new condition. If anyone can guid me into the right direction I would really appreciate it.
  2. S

    Bar options for a Stihl MS-241CM?

    I am looking to purchase a Stihl MS241CM and plan to run PS63 chain (no guard links). I need to keep weight down while still having a saw that can limb and cut reasonable firewood. I am considering a 16" lightweight bar. Will that balance well and still cut firewood efficiently? Do I need...
  3. michaelmj11

    Disaster Recovery/Clean-up Saw

    I have been assured that you boys here are capable of giving a higher quantity of higher Quality responses than the people over on Arbor Site. So here goes. I just got finished doing 3 weeks of mission clean up work after the tornadoes that hit Mississippi on Dec 23. I have a MS 661, which...