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  1. hseII

    SOLD Stihl MS200T

    decent working condition MS200T. New clutch springs & a passed pressure & vacuum test in February 2019. Has been in the tool box as shown in pictures & video since then. $400 + shipping with buyer’s choice of Stihl brand 14” or 16” 3/8” Stihl Picco Bar & Chain. Thanks
  2. hseII


    MS200T I purchased from Lone Wolf a while Back as a Spare. Ran 8-10 tanks thru it & I just don’t use it. Runs like a top & is just like my other 2- 200Ts. Buyers Choice- 14” or 16” Stihl Nearly New Bar & Chain $400+ Shipping
  3. S

    MS200T will not run right

    Ok so this is my first post ever fwiw. However, I’ve read a ton of posts and have learned a lot from you guys. And for that I’m thankful. Now on to the meat and potatoes. So I have this 200t that will not idle whatsoever. It also has extremely slow throttle response. I’ve replaced the fuel...
  4. Armbru84

    SOLD MS200 Rear Handle

    Saw runs and operates as it should. Not the cleanest but not bad. Put a new A.M. brake cover as the oem one was broke. Put a Definitive Dave AM carb on it as well to eliminate an off idle bog. Handle is wrapped as well. PHO. 290 and the ride. PayPal F&F
  5. Armbru84

    SOLD MS200T

    Have a full setup for the MS200T. Saw runs good, I am sure it has a AM carb on it as I couldn't get the OEM one to run right. $570 for everything listed plus shipping. PayPal F&F Saw is setup as rear handle currently. Kit is essentially brand new. All the parts to go back to top handle...