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ms 460

  1. N

    ms 460 clone

    does anyone make a ms460 clone chainsaw?
  2. J

    WANTED Stihl MS 460 Fuel Tank

    I am looking for an MS 460 fuel tank, preferably not leaking, but I will take what I can get. I would consider an MS 440 tank as well. Thanks!
  3. Armbru84

    SOLD Very clean MS460 Rescue

    Very clean MS460 Rescue saw. Has a dual port muffler, west coast clutch cover, and bigger dawgs but the rest is all OEM. Saw runs strong and everything works as it should. PHO, $775 and would split shipping with buyer in lower 48. PayPal friends and family. Don't see many rescue saws around and...
  4. michaelmj11

    WANTED Stihl 461 or 460 in a box.

    I'm looking for a Really low priced 461 or 460, something that is going to need a bunch of work (and thus be REALLY low priced).