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ms 261

  1. Armbru84

    SOLD Clean MS261

    I have a very clean MS261 standard carb model for sale. I have only ran a few tanks through it, and acquired a few more saws since then. Has a muffler mod that woke it up a little but the rest is all stock. I can send more pics and a video if needed. Looking for $410 plus shipping, PayPal F&F or...
  2. sfg.Foley

    Stihl MS 261 CM - Version 2.0

    Hi, i picked up my new 261 V2 today. Max RPM: 14600 No chain, bar or fuel. 4,9kg New clutch cover: 0,16 kg - seems to be very thin old clutch cover: 0,280kg I hope this is the right place to post it.. Lg
  3. michaelmj11

    WANTED WtB Canadian Stihl MS261 type II

    Any Canadian Stihl dealers (or kind Sameritains) looking to ship one of these to the US? I'd happily get on a waiting list if someone has one. (And pay you for your time)