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  1. J

    Thinking of modding a 066

    So I have been tinkering with the idea of taking a BB'ed 066 with popup piston and doing some more interesting modding. 1. An 070, 090 carb for saws 105cc+ 2. A reed box and custom intake (No blow back and better fuel air mix with more pressure through the transfers) 3. Opening up the ports...
  2. michaelmj11

    M-tronic's & ported/modded, muffler/carb mods, etc.

    The only thread that showed up when I did a search was one or two posts in "Clint's Hybrid"..... so: How does m-tronic's affect porting/modding, and visa versa? #1.) If the muffler is the only thing modded? #2.) If the only thing done was removing catheters? #3.) If the carb is the only...