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  1. hseII

    SELLING Mastermind Work Saws MS661R w/ Maxflow kit

    Mastermind Work Saws MS661R with Max Flow Fiter setup. This is the Saw I got 2nd Hand & sent to Randy. He went back in it & updated the Cylinder to his current recipe. It’s stout. $950 pho + Shipping
  2. User Name Here

    SOLD MMWS Stihl 461

    I have my mastermind 461 for sale. It has approximately 7-8 cords worth of run time. It's an awesome running saw. I bought it new and sent it to Randy after a little run time. I hate to sell it but I could use the money. I can sell PHO or with a 28" bar and chain. Probably have 2-3 chains I'll...
  3. hseII

    SELLING Mastermind MS661R

    Mastermind MS661R Strong Saw, but I need a Farmall so I’m selling some things & this one is 1st. Maxflow kit West Coast Dawgs $1000 pho + shipping
  4. Beer Gut

    Stihl 090AV

    Sorry to those who have seen, getting caught up on new site. This time I get to say thank you Randy.
  5. Stump Shot

    Mastermind ruined muh saw...

    ...for small wood. After getting my Husqvarna 460 Rancher back from Randy @Mastermind working it over, I was anxious to get out and cut with it, first task I had to do was cut a load of pecker poles up into firewood, so I figured I could get a little time on the saw. With one of my round work...
  6. Jon1212

    SOLD MMWS Poulan 4000

    I have made the tough decision to list this saw For Sale, again. As you can see the saw is pretty darn clean for its age, and I can include the NOS 16" 3/8 050 60dl Tsumura Rotary Tip A176 bar, and good loop of chain This saw runs very well, but since I reside at 4700' in elevation, it will...