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  1. RoyleRobinWood1

    SELLING Stihl 046 magnum $900

    Hi , I don't want to sell my baby and it hurts to make this ad allot. But here it goes .... my stihl 046 Magnum for $900 . Everything is oem and in excellent working order. She may have a little what looks like rags on , but she's in love with eating hardwood ! I am very meticulous and after...
  2. Jason628

    WANTED 038 mag p+c or just cylinder.

    Curious if anyone possibly has an 038 magnum jug 52mm they would let go of. Buddy of mine took his saw into the shop and they said the top end is toast. Have yet to verify that it needs replaced but, it would be nice to have one found just in case.
  3. jacob j.

    SOLD Stihl 066

    Hey guys- I'm putting up this Stihl 066 for sale/trade. I got this as a project from a member here on trade. I think this 066 is from the last of the short-case, poly-flywheel bubble-top saws (just before the transition to the long-case poly flywheel saws). It got the full treatment from me -...