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john deere

  1. S

    John deere string trimmers

    Nvm. Figured it out.
  2. slackinoff

    John Deere 60v Barn Fresh

    I just bought a barn fresh John Deere 60V for a heck of a deal that seller claims needs a carb kit and starter rope. Very neat looking saw. I will probably just clean, repair and sell. Going to pick it up this weekend in the next town over. Going to post seller picks in a bit. I will post...
  3. Z

    Deere D140 PTO

    A neighbor has a JD D140 maybe two years old. Engaging the electric clutch kills the engine. It sounds to me like resistance somewhere is dragging it down as it seems to stutter slightly before dying. But we can find no such resistance. Maybe an electrical interlock switch? Where would we...
  4. K

    SELLING John Deere cub cadet efco saws

    Have a few. Regular Efco, John Deere efco, and Cub Cadet efco. Running: X John Deere CS40 With bar and chain Sold X Efco MT-5200 I believe I have the bar and chain for this Sold Efco MT-3500 With bar and chain Not Running: X John Deere CS 36 - parts saw Sold X Cub Cadet cs5018. Runs...