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jason stratton

  1. Moparmyway

    Yet again .... JMSSAWS strikes

    Good evening men, this is the JMS Sawmikaze 660 Ryan @sawmikaze can give the details of how much fuel went through it, but I've got to tell you all, it ain't much @big t double , please pm me a price for a new oem P&C so Ryan can have the saw that he deserves.
  2. BrokenSVT

    The "Broken046," and how it got MOFO'd

    So I'll save a lot of the gory details for another time, as they've been posted elsewhere plenty. The gist is that I picked up a 046 on a song and found that there were some issues... The piston was toast, cylinder scored, it was missing the start assembly, and it simply needed gone through...
  3. Mastermind

    Check Out This JMSSAWS 064

    This saw was bought from a guy that used to be a member here, JMSSAWS AKA Jason Stratton. Hopefully after you guys see the level of dishonesty that is inside this saw, you will understand why he is never gonna be allowed to be a part of this site again. I know some folks feel bad for the...