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  1. Wilhelm

    Maruyama Manuals & IPL's - Official webpage

    Looking for cross reference IPL's of chainsaws branded forth and back between Dolmar/Makita/Maruyama I came across Maruyama's official download page and thought someone here might find it useful. Good luck finding what You are looking for! :) Official download page...
  2. Agrarian

    Husqvarna 545 IPL, 2013-01

    Anybody have a copy of this IPL they could send me or point me to? I've got the 2011 version and several versions from 2016 and on plus scads of IPL updates but for the life of me, I can't find this one anywhere. Yet it is referenced on all the major parts dealers websites. Thanks, Barry
  3. Wilhelm

    DOLMAR/MAKITA Dolmar/Makita IPL's - official Makita Germany

    NOTE, the Dolmar.de page us dead, go to the Makita.de page posted below! http://www.dolmar.de/downloads/ersatzteillisten.html IPL's for many if not most Dolmar & Sachs-Dolmar products. The files are in PDF format, mostly multilingual including German, English, French & Spanish. The IPL's are...