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  1. S

    Farmertec MS460 tuning

    I recently put a new hyway P&C in and can't seem to lean out my carb enough. I ran the saw on the original farmertec carb but had a caber ring fail that wrecked the piston and cylinder. I tried a meteor piston and cylinder first but there were issues with them the piston didn't fit in the...
  2. GlocknStihl

    Hyway Rules !

  3. O

    Stihl 440 Four corner Seizure

    Hi guys! I have a question for the experts. I have a 440 that has had a few cylinder kits put on and the end result is the same, seizure. The two kits I've put on were both "Hyway Kit" the fist one was big bore and we replaced a seal when that rebuild was done. Ran 20 minutes and then seized...
  4. BonScott46

    Hyway 45mm Cylinder

    Picked up this Hyway 45mm cylinder with a meteor piston for a swap on a Jonsered 2152. I have little experience with cylinders and saws in general to be honest, am wondering about a couple things. There is a band of checkered material at the top of the bore from the squish band to about half way...