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  1. Yellowking86

    Jonsered 2094

    Hi I am having some trouble with my 2094 flooding (fuel comes out muffler). I rebuilt the carb still floods out a new oem carb on it still floods checked the metering it was correct even lowered it still floods turned the h and l all the way in still floods. If I take the fuel line off it fires...
  2. R

    SELLING Jred 2095 oem cylinder kit 506 15 55-06

    Brand new oem Husqvarna part # 506 15 55-06 Comes with brand new oem cylinder, piston, rings, base gasket and circlips. These retail normally for $468. $300 shipped and it’s yours. Pics of it are next to a 45mm open port Husqvarna 51 for size reference This fits Husqvarna K950 and Jonsered 2095