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  1. S

    Stihl MS241-CM guide bar replacement - what's best?

    The 16" low-pro guide bar on my MS241-CM has a tip problem causing a lot of drag so it is bogging my saw down. That bar has seen a lot of use and should have a lot of life left but, the tip got pinched felling a tree so I blame myself as much as anything for the problem. I believe it is 55...
  2. Kensie1988

    FOUND IT Good used 16" guidebar for 031av

    Hello everyone! I got a really good deal on a 031av and I want to get a bar for it, I spent so little on the saw that I would rather put a good used bar on than buy a new one. I'm looking for a 16" but will consider an 18". So if you have any spares you would like to offload just let me know...