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  1. PA Dan

    FOUND IT Stihl coil...

    Looking for a coil or two. Need a 1122 400 1314 or 1128 400 1309 for my MS461. I may also need one for a short case poly flywheel 066 build I'm about to finish. Let me know if you got any.
  2. Mkinslow

    WANTED 036 parts

    I know I can get aftermarket stuff but I wanted to see if anyone has the cylinder and air filter cover and a muffler for an 036 that I got from backhoelover not to long ago. Thanks
  3. redoakneck

    WANTED 088 flywheel

    Need a good flywheel for an 088. It is the plastic one, fairly thin. I'll get a part number when I fish it out of the lake