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  1. exCanuck

    Satire April Edition of FartKnockerForum Magazine

    THIS JUST IN - In the effort of keeping this FartKnockerForum Magazine chalk full of useful morsels, we present April's useful biz story + HLS New Video Series #AboveTheNorm. Given the size of the "Facebooksphere", is reasonable to assume ... One could be tempted to simply rely on the free and...
  2. exCanuck

    How to Log In With Facebook

    Save steps: Access OPE Forum by logging in with Facebook. Click the usual Log In (top right); Log in area slides open; Click blue Facebook button.
  3. exCanuck

    How To Share Posts on Your Social Accounts

    To Share Posts onto certain social accounts that you have, Click the Permalink # that is in the bottom right of the Post; Choose a social account to which you want to share the Post.