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    What not cat muffler fits an Efco MT5200

    Good day everyone. Wondering will the muffler off an older Oleo Mac or Efco fit on to an Efco MT5200 saw, I acquired one cheap, will be here in a few days, but I already know the muffler will need gutted or replaced to get rid of the cat. Any advise appreciated, thank you kindly.
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    Tanaka Kawasaki and Ecco hedge trimmer advise

    Hello to everyone. Am interested in a 22-23cc 24 inch hedge trimmer. Tanaka Kawasaki and Efco are available locally. Has anyone used these models and how have the faired. There does not seem to be as much technical info available regarding what metal is used in their casings, Tanaka say...
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    SELLING John Deere cub cadet efco saws

    Have a few. Regular Efco, John Deere efco, and Cub Cadet efco. Running: X John Deere CS40 With bar and chain Sold X Efco MT-5200 I believe I have the bar and chain for this Sold Efco MT-3500 With bar and chain Not Running: X John Deere CS 36 - parts saw Sold X Cub Cadet cs5018. Runs...