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  1. Kensie1988

    SELLING Vintage Homelite Part Saws

    Ken has some Homelite part saws he is trying to get rid of, some in the picture may actually be runners, but most are part saws. The saws as he told me from left to right: 7-19's, A couple Buzz's in the middle and all the ones on the right are gear drives.
  2. Kensie1988

    SELLING Reduced - Homelite 770-D $150 + Ride

    Here is another vintage Homelite, it's a 770-D, it will fire on prime, but it hasn't been gone through, he is selling it as is. It's in pretty good shape considering it's age, but no where near as nice as the 775-G, he would like to get $200 + the ride for it, more pictures can be attained on...
  3. michaelmj11

    Axes for Wedging

    I do not know how many folks have make it over here from AS, but I wanted to continue the conversation that had started up about which axe(s) you folks think best for driving wedges, and also being able to get yourself out of a pinch.