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dolmar 7900

  1. NPKenny

    Dolmar 7900 / 7910 piston options

    I built up a Makita 6401 a few years back with an OEM 7900 cylinder and piston. I ported it and was very happy with the results. I subsequently gave it to my BIL who got a few years of service out of it. I just got it back to repair because wasn’t running right.... The impulse line was...
  2. G

    Will Dolmar muffler fit Makita 7900

    Hi everyone Found a muffler on online, hope I don't get in trouble for posting the address, as I have no other way for you guys to know what it is am refering to, and I can not find another so here goes, www.eabay.co.uk/itm/222510499824 or if the above is not allowed, w?w DOT...