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  1. GCJenks204

    SOLD D009 Tsumura Bars

    I am putting up two Tsumura made bars. First is a 20" 72DL 3/8 .050 gauge Total branded reduced weight bar. Second is a 16" 60DL 3/8 .050 gauge Jonsered branded RSN bar. Neither have touched wood, the Total has been mounted. As I have put my 562XP up for sale I won't be needed these bars...
  2. Jon1212

    SELLING 058 gauge Husqvarna guide bars.

    1X 20" 3/8 058 72dl (D009) Oregon TechLite, it has some scratches in paint from storage, but is New. $70/Shipped.(Sold) 1X 20" 058 72dl (D009) Total Super Bar hardnose NOS. $50/Shipped. 1X 20" 3/8 058 (EM/D005) 9.5mm slot, Windsor Speed Tip NOS. $50/Shipped.(Pending with a Greenlander, or some...