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  1. Billy Currie


    I have a Partner 7000 I am trying to pull the crankshaft into. I have the Husqvarna install tool: 502 50 30-09 for models: 40, 45, 51, 55. My crank has 10mm fine thread and the tool has 10mm course thread. Does anyone know the part number to the Husky tool that has the 10mm fine thread, or...
  2. Kensie1988

    WANTED Jonsered 2171/372xp crank

    So I am rebuilding a 2171 from a busted up saw I got relatively cheap from ebay, the plan is to put the 75cc top end on it and then I plan to have it ported afterwards. I dont have a whole lot of experience gauging wear on a crank, so I was thinking I might just buy one that is good from...
  3. R

    best tool to remove crank bearings

    I have an MS250 and a husq 450, and I'd like to know beforehand if removing the two crank bearings is easy, hard, not worth it buy a whole new saw? And would a simple clam shell bearing separator something like this work...
  4. force10powertools

    Husqvarna 266xp crankshaft taper issues??????

    Hello Folks Firstly, Nice to meet you all and apologies for being the new guy who comes crashing in on your forum with a tech question. So, picture the scene, you're a power tool repair guy by day and saw collecter by night. One of your friends see's you working on a saw one day and asks if...