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  1. jrobie79

    Aftermarket Fuel Tank & Plastics - Stihl ms361

    I have an ms361 that I'm rebuilding, had the case powder coated and now I'm finally putting it together. My fuel tank is beat to hell, and I discovered a hairline crack, so I figured I'd replace it, with the plastic covers which are pretty much beyond being able to be R&R'ed. Anyone have...
  2. muggy461

    462 Cover

    Finally wrapped up my ms461 rebuild. Left it stock, although I plan on doing a simple port/polish, ported muffler, unlimited coil swap, etc in the future. Has anyone tried to put the newer style 462 bar cover with the captive nuts on the 461? Is it possible at all? Willing to swap any parts...
  3. wildroamer

    SELLING Solo 665/675/681 Plastic Cover with Insert

    This is new old stock plastic cover and insert from a Solo 665. Part #'s 6073665 and 6073656. Will work on Solos with no decomp, or with decomp on recoil side. Does not come with the summer/winter cover, part # 6074535, but that is available for less than $6 at Solo USA. Cover retails for...