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  1. Cerberus

    [engine work] Have Q's on benchmarking performance, and proper use of a compression gauge ;D

    My new 590, barely 2-3 tanks through it (~40:1 using HP Ultra and Stabil in eth free 92 oct, fresh fuel) Even after muff mod & airbox mods, the carb didn't need adjustment for Idle or Low (hadn't set H yet, wanted to get my baseline compression benchmark, then was gonna go set H while spending...
  2. R

    high starting compression sheared flywheel key MS250

    so I believe this to be an unmodified saw, it is an Stihl MS250 and the cylinder and crank pan have Stihl markings on them. There was a red colored sealant between cylinder and crank pan which i assume is the OEM Dirho HT stuff. In fixing a disintegrated clutch drum bearing, I noticed the...