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  1. Maintenance Chief

    WANTED 090 clutch, 6 shoe set up.

    If anyone has a sane priced 090 clutch that they would sell , I'm looking? I know that they are high dollar items so I'm not unreasonable, just not EBay desperate.
  2. L

    Ugh, wrong forum? Chainsaw Brake Drag

    Sorry, I posted in the Ask the Experts forum instead of here about an issue I have with a chainsaw brake dragging. If admins can't reassign the forum of the thread, then could you please click this link to check out my questions? http://opeforum.com/threads/chainsaw-brake-drag-rub.7783/ Thanks.
  3. L

    Chainsaw Brake Drag/Rub

    I have a used Craftsman 358351702 chainsaw. I opened up the clutch assembly and can see what looks like dark discoloration on the drum and clutch, plus some melted plastic on the chassis ("~12-1 o'clock" as viewed from the saw's right side) and on the chainsaw brake. I removed the excess...
  4. BonScott46

    Jonsered 2153 clutch drum damage

    Hi guys, bought a like new 2153 off Swedish Ebay. The guy wanted to send it to me with the bar and chain on but I told him it needed to be removed for shipping. I received the saw and the clutch cover was half on with the chianbreak engaged. Everything looks ok but when I run it the clutch drum...