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clutch drum

  1. BonScott46

    Stihl ms261 clutch drum issue?

    Noticed there were a couple of chips out of one of the slots on the rim sprocket on my ms261 along with the chain getting tight and going slack (hanging about 1/4 inch off the bar) as I would pull the chain around by hand. At first I thought the rim sprocket was defective but the problem...
  2. BigD461

    SOLD MS461 Clutch & Drum

    Hello everyone, This is an OEM clutch and clutch drum for an MS461 / MS460. If I'm not mistaking this came from a saw that was only PDI'd by the dealer and was not used to cut any wood, so it is like practically new. I'm thinking $25 shipped to lower 48 states. Thanks
  3. BonScott46

    Jonsered 2153 clutch drum damage

    Hi guys, bought a like new 2153 off Swedish Ebay. The guy wanted to send it to me with the bar and chain on but I told him it needed to be removed for shipping. I received the saw and the clutch cover was half on with the chianbreak engaged. Everything looks ok but when I run it the clutch drum...