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clutch cover

  1. P

    WANTED Husqvarna 257/262 clutch brake cover

    Hi! Want to buy Husqvarna 257/262 clutch cover. :)
  2. Matt D

    WANTED Husqvarna 51/55 Clutch Cover and Brake Assembly

    Hey Guys, I fixed up a saw I bought on the cheap with a new top end and now all I need to complete the saw is a clutch cover and chain brake assembly, the one on this saw is melted pretty good like someone ran the saw with the brake on for awhile. If anyone has one they'd be willing to part with...
  3. BonScott46

    Jonsered 2153 clutch drum damage

    Hi guys, bought a like new 2153 off Swedish Ebay. The guy wanted to send it to me with the bar and chain on but I told him it needed to be removed for shipping. I received the saw and the clutch cover was half on with the chianbreak engaged. Everything looks ok but when I run it the clutch drum...