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  1. Ethobling

    Chainsaw Mill Upgrade

    Hey folks. Hope you are well. I have a question, but first, a small amount of info on where I'm at... Recently, I purchased an Alaskan Sawmill (36") and a 462 for milling my own lumber. I didn't want to shell out the cash for a bandsaw sawmill, especially seeing how many are on backorder for...
  2. Lightning Performance

    Doing well 127 threads in milling lets discuss chain pitch

    I'm right there, now. All set with 404 , 375 and hope to test long bar 325 soon. My question. Who runs quarter inch 0.250 pitch for finish cuts? One and done is the idea here. The mill each cut, time, money, resources and it's work not like an auto machine. Even with a winch you still "work"...
  3. Lightning Performance

    Chainsaw milling saws big and small, pros, cons, models...

    Just getting together some things to start milling hardwoods for the most part. Lots of saw questions. I will be using Stihl saws from 60cc-90's for now. Might need to go bigger, might not. Might need to buy another brand. The cons: DON'T want. old *s-word like 075 or 2100's 1. No parts...
  4. czar800

    Milling a oak.

    I pulled out these logs a few months ago and have been slowly milling them. I'm down to the last log and realized that I haven't taken very many pictures.
  5. Crzybowhntr

    Pics of homemade chainsaw mills

    I am looking to make a chainsaw mill so I`d like to see some of the ways you have made them. Looking to make one that will take a 20"-32" bar. Any detailed pics would be much appreciated!