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  1. F

    Husq P525D handbrake not working.

    Hello there experts, I have a husq P525D and recently I parked it and next time I went to operate it the handbrake was not functioning. It seems as if it has gone loose or something of the like. At the same time the reverse pedal has gone stiff which could possibly be related to the brake...
  2. jacob j.

    WANTED Stihl 064 or 066 brake handle

    Hey Guys - This is a long shot I know - I'm looking for one of the old 064 or 066 brake handles for the straight 3/4 wrap handle. The 064 part number I believe is 1122 792 9105, and the 066 one is 1122 792 9106. I have tons of stuff to trade and cash. Thanks!