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  1. ManiacalMark

    FOUND IT 066 Heated Full Wrap Arctic

    Looking for a good working 066 heated wrap handle, money or trade, have lots of 064/066 044/046 661 and 084 stuff for trade material.
  2. Maintenance Chief

    M-tronic MS441 Arctic flywheel

    So I went through ipls and all the threads, and ordered the Arctic M-tronic flywheel for my build but low and behold only Arctic not M-tronic showed up?, part number ending in 1203. I really just need the correct part number for both M-tronic & Arctic.
  3. GCJenks204


    I picked up my first regular MS462 today, as I posted back in September that the rumour was November 1st, they were in store yesterday. Only 35 regular MS462’s for Western Canada in this first shipment with more due in January. My dealer has already bought 10 of those 35 and sold/ has orders for...
  4. Armbru84

    SOLD MMWS 441 Arctic

    Selling my nice 441 mtron Arctic with wrap. Randy ported this a year back and I have only put 4 tanks through it. Gotta thin the herd a bit. Saws dirty in the pics...will clean up even better. Saw has new AM dogs, fuel line, and a few other small pcs. Has a chip out of the front of the case...
  5. GCJenks204

    SOLD MS461 Arctics

    This is a saw that I sold once, shipped it away and then Canada Post / USPS handled it with great care. Case was damaged, currenly on its way to Randy to have the case half replaced and then will be available to be shipped to you. More updates to follow later in thread. PM with any...
  6. Armbru84

    SOLD 046 Arctic

    Have a arctic with 046 D cylinder. saw runs good. Has a base gasket delete and a little work on the exhaust port. Handles work great, probably the warmed heated handles I have felt on a Stihl. $480 plus Shipping. PayPal F&F Any questions on it just let me know.
  7. GCJenks204


    I will likely catch some flack for this but I am putting my MMWS Arctic 661 up for sale. The last couple weeks have been pretty expensive around here and instead of carrying a bunch of extra debt I am going to move this saw. The only wood it has seen is the few test cuts Randy did, essentially...