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  1. Armbru84

    WANTED 9000/9010 Cylinder

    Looking for a 9000/9010 cylinder. Doesn’t have to be pretty. Have a 9000 flywheel I could trade and a coil that I am not sure works as I couldn’t test it. Also gots cash.
  2. Armbru84

    SOLD DCS9010

    Have a nice Makita 9010 for sale. Saws stock and is all OEM as far as I know. I swapped the carb from this saw with my Dolmar 9010 and it seemed to like it better. It’s a bing I believe. There is also one label missing behind the clutch cover that you can see in the pic. I think you can still...
  3. Armbru84

    WANTED Makita 9010 Flywheel

    looking for a 9010 flywheel. Long story short a saw I bought had a 9000 flywheel and a bad 9010 coil. Things didn’t go well when starting it when I put a known good 9010 coil on it. Have since bought a new 9010 coil for the saw and need the flywheel to match.