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  1. Armbru84

    SOLD Mint 797 Mac

    Bought this off a fellow member earlier this year. It’s a beauty...no doubt there. Believe it was restored by Lee Ha several years back. I ran the saw a few times and it runs/like as it should. I had an issue starting it with the primer setup...I just put a little fuel in the carb and it took...
  2. Alaskanrocket

    WANTED Mcculloch 790,795,797 Parts

    Hey Guys, I have a Mcculloch 790 that had sat on the ground far too long and I am in need of a Lower handle section and an upper handle section, which I believe includes the gas tank as well, the inner recoil assy for a right hand and a coil. I'm a buyer not a looker so if you have anything let...