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  1. S

    HELP! Stihlms660

    Need to know if you can run a 661 cylinder and piston on a 660mag or carb?
  2. Brown8417

    FOUND IT Stihl 066/660 cylinder

    Looking for a Stihl cylinder for a 066 or 660. needs to be in good shape for a Hybrid build. Thanks in advance
  3. Ethobling

    Chainsaw Mill Upgrade

    Hey folks. Hope you are well. I have a question, but first, a small amount of info on where I'm at... Recently, I purchased an Alaskan Sawmill (36") and a 462 for milling my own lumber. I didn't want to shell out the cash for a bandsaw sawmill, especially seeing how many are on backorder for...
  4. EbS-P

    Tuning a G660 for milling?s

    Hi Everyone, Yesterday I got my tac out of the package it’s been in for many months and finally checked my 2 year old G660 that I primarily use for milling. It was almost 90 out and and it was running 12800 rpm. I have not touched the carb since it arrived. I have probably 30-40 tanks...
  5. NPKenny

    WANTED Stihl 066 MS660

    I’m looking for the following parts for a Poly flywheel 660: PTO side case 1/2 Tank handle Air cleaner / carb post Possibly a coil Please let me know what you have. I’d be happy to do some trading.
  6. Kalamojakka

    First post, first kit saw

    Hi ope people. I'm new here. I found the forum when looking for info on 660 builds. I was tickled pink upon learning of these saw kits and couldn't do other than order one forthwith. It came yesterday (9 days from huztl.net). I didn't order any other AM or OEM parts with it, thinking I'd rather...
  7. 460 magnum

    FOUND IT 461 or bigger

    Looking for a 75cc+ saw or saws willing to trade a yz250f 2007. Have pictures of the bike if your interested. Pm me and we can talk more about the deal.
  8. weedkilla

    Stihl 064, 066, 660 oem vs am rebuild

    Sorry for stupid long title, I wanted something that would come up in a search easily. My first 1122 series saw landed in my lap and as you guys have just had a good play with Chinese 660 copies I thought it might be a good time to start a thread. Dotted in dozens of different threads is...
  9. czar800

    Stihl 660 school.

    I've got a lead on a 660, but I really don't know the ins and outs of a 660. I know there are variations So take me to 660 school.