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  1. hacskaroly

    Husqvarna 576xp - FixerUpper

    There have been multiple threads of saw builds/rebuilds/upgrades that I have learned from on this forum! I have a project saw that I am taking on, so I figured that I would share whats going on with it. This is a Husqvarna 576xp that I found pretty much as you see below. I had to scrounge...
  2. V

    FOUND IT Husqvarna 576xp crankshaft assy or whole bottom end

    Lookning for a 576xp crankshaft assembly part # 505 12 19-02. Also interested in a 576 that with a burnt up cylinder. Thanks.
  3. B

    Husqvarna 576XP Busted Piston

    Good morning all and thank you for allowing my account to this forum! I have read numerous posts and am amazed at the amount of knowledge here! I was working with my dad and brother yesterday beginning to cut wood (red oak) for the winter. I checked over the saw as normal, topped off fuel...
  4. 460 magnum

    SOLD 009 sale or trade

    I have recently taken the saw apart to see what was wrong with is and it turned out the be more than I was want to deal with it needs completely rebuilt so it is being sold as parts $40+ S&H Would trade for case gasket and or seals and bearings for a 576xp and or ms460/ms461.
  5. jacob j.

    WANTED Clean Husqvarna 575 HD top cover, muffler

    Hey guys- an Arborist buddy dumped off a 575 carcass at my place last night with the instructions to get it rebuilt, or "your house will be thoroughly wrapped in toilet paper." And since it is the wet season here, I'd like to avoid that. The saw got crunched a while back so I'm looking for a...