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  1. Stump Shot

    461R build up

    Kind of a wrap on these as stocks are dried/ing up, so here's a build thread on the World's last ported new 461. Tear down is pretty basic as well as covered before, a place to start nonetheless.
  2. User Name Here

    SOLD MMWS Stihl 461

    I have my mastermind 461 for sale. It has approximately 7-8 cords worth of run time. It's an awesome running saw. I bought it new and sent it to Randy after a little run time. I hate to sell it but I could use the money. I can sell PHO or with a 28" bar and chain. Probably have 2-3 chains I'll...
  3. User Name Here


    I have a Stihl 461 PHO ported by Mastermind Worksaws. It has an unlimited 460 coil and muffler outlet has been opened up. I'm the only owner. The saw runs great, has only been used for firewood - probably 6-7 cords of run time since new. I don't have compression reading but am posting piston...
  4. 460 magnum

    FOUND IT 461 or bigger

    Looking for a 75cc+ saw or saws willing to trade a yz250f 2007. Have pictures of the bike if your interested. Pm me and we can talk more about the deal.
  5. michaelmj11

    WANTED Stihl 461 or 460 in a box.

    I'm looking for a Really low priced 461 or 460, something that is going to need a bunch of work (and thus be REALLY low priced).