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  1. Brown8417

    FOUND IT 044 12 mil or 440 crank case

    Looking for a clean complete crank case for a 044 12 mil or 440 for a hybrid build. Need to be in good shape. Seller needs to be willing to ship. Thanks in Advance
  2. colvin

    Farmertec 440 Kit Notes and Questions

    First of all, hats off to Huztl/Farmertec for making it possible for me to get started wrenching and modding saws as a hobby without breaking the bank. Love or hate them, without them I would still be dreaming of working on saws instead of actually doing it. I put together a 660 kit in January...
  3. Stump Shot

    A Stihl 440 work saw

    Had the opportunity to work over a Stihl MS440 to make it a great work saw. Here's some pics of the journey along the way.
  4. O

    Stihl 440 Four corner Seizure

    Hi guys! I have a question for the experts. I have a 440 that has had a few cylinder kits put on and the end result is the same, seizure. The two kits I've put on were both "Hyway Kit" the fist one was big bore and we replaced a seal when that rebuild was done. Ran 20 minutes and then seized...