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  1. Stump Shot

    SOLD Woods Ported Stihl MS361 price dropped! Again!!! break on shipping!

    For sale a freshly ported MS361 Stihl, PHO $900.00 plus up to $50.00 towards shipping!
  2. Armbru84

    SOLD Mofo 361

    Saw started as a JMS saw. Was lucky enough that Al agreed to go through it. At the time he had to tig the flywheel side exhaust bolt hole and retap as it had been stripped. It has came loose once but it’s held fine for quite awhile now. Saw now has a 044 Zama carb. Choke setup isn’t as smooth as...
  3. Armbru84

    SOLD Ported 361

    Clean snellerized 361. AM large Dawgs but can but smaller oem ones on if buyer wants those instead. Has replacement caps for the flippy caps. Can put flippys back on if buyer wants. Has AM plastics but I have oem ones as well. Those are a little scuffed but will include those in as well. Saw...