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  1. ManiacalMark

    SOLD Husqvarna 3120xp P&C new OEM

    Brand new piston and cylinder $350 shipped
  2. Lakeyboy89

    Help with modding 3120

    Hi all, I've reading and reading for weeks about sprucing up my 3120 (non EPA) I've collected all the bits I believe I need. Now I could just dow with some help putting it into action. The saw will mostly be used for milling, but occasionally felling/cross cutting of oversized stems. Milling...
  3. Armbru84

    SOLD MMWS 3120 Cylinder and Piston

    Selling a ported 3120 P&C. Ported by Randy, saw made great power on the dyno and attached is its chart. Cylinder doesn’t have a decomp but the rest is all in there…rings, clips, pin, bearing etc. came of a running saw, just decided to go a different route on the saw. New setups for these aren’t...
  4. Lightning Performance

    WANTED Chainsaw cylinders 084, 088, 880, 395, 3120

    084 good or bad 088 880 395 3120 With or without worn out plating Thanks Ken
  5. Fullkip

    WANTED 394 pto case half wanted

    I need a 394xp pto side case half. One thats not chewed up by 100 chain throws , must have tight dog bolt holes. Have for trade 3120 Xp flywheel side pullcord cover. 3 stihl 064 jugs ... Fullskip