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261 husky 262xp conversion

  1. MERR6267

    What's faster, a 262xp or a 357xp? (answers inside . . . kind-of) - updated after 5 tanks

    Ladies, Gentlemen, Riff-raff, I've been a bit absent from my chainsaw stuff for a little while and it seems CAD has me gripped again. I bought a nice 357 from a user here back in 2017, and it's basically sat in a case since then- Not because there is anything wrong with it, but it seemed that my...
  2. rjames

    FOUND IT Husky 261

    Looking for a decent husky 261. I'd like to convert to 262xp. Doesn't have to be super pretty, just good mechanically. I'm on a limited saw budget but I have a nice husky 350 I could offer on trade. I have bars and chains so powerhead only is fine. PM if ya got what I'm lookin fer. Thanks Rodney