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  1. ManiacalMark

    FOUND IT 372 crank

    Junk bearing, broken rod, decent shape,it doesn’t matter. Crank I have now is slightly out of true on the clutch side.
  2. ManiacalMark

    WANTED Jonsered 2171 Starter Decal

    Looking for Jred 2171 decal 503 70 57-07 (WA) or 57-06 version. Preferably the “2171w” decal
  3. quattro90

    SOLD Jonsered 2065

    FS: Extremely low hour 1997 Jonsered 2065. All OEM no modifications. Has a standard 7pin PowerMate sprocket, pre-1998 EPA Zama C3M-2B carb, single felling spike, OEM muffler in perfect condition. This is a large mount saw and has the front chain tensioner which can easily be swapped to a side...
  4. Kensie1988

    FOUND IT Used Jonsered 2172

    Hello all, so I just missed out on one of my dream saws, so in order to help fill that void that is left I would like to get a good looking used Jonsereds 2172. I currently don't have a primary work saw, I just have saws that are part of my growing collection, so I think it would be a good idea...