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  1. hacskaroly

    Husky 2100 - stripped hole, repair issue

    I purchased a full wrap handle for my 2100, when I went to install it, I found that someone before me had stripped out one of the holes on the saw body and made a plug for it (Looks like they tried to hold it in with silicone). I imagine over time with the way this think may vibrate, that the...
  2. jason689

    Saw collection

    Have a couple of my jonsereds missing right now. This is pretty much all the soldiers in one pic,Is there anything I should add to the collection. Before someone says some more stihl’s, just know that I am a collector of fine art.
  3. Stump Shot

    Husqvarna 2100 SEM missing pawl replacement

    Faced with the problem of a missing pawl on a SEM flywheel. Only the spring and pawl being still available as replacement parts. The stud is nla. Figured I would see what else could be found to make it work again. Dug through my bolt bin and found what I believe is a stud from a 2 series of saw...