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  1. ManiacalMark

    SOLD 090 66mm cylinder

    Good used cylinder in decent shape, couple little chips but the exhaust port, nothing a little foredoom work can’t cure. Has a helicoil in the plug threads. If anything it’s a good hot saw jug $250 + shipping
  2. Maintenance Chief

    WANTED 090 clutch, 6 shoe set up.

    If anyone has a sane priced 090 clutch that they would sell , I'm looking? I know that they are high dollar items so I'm not unreasonable, just not EBay desperate.
  3. Maintenance Chief

    Who has a jig for an 090 Stihl jug?

    Does anyone have a set up to take .035 off the bottom of a 66mm cylinder? Don't want anyone to have to buy stuff for it ,ie if you've done one in the past and we can work it out .
  4. Maintenance Chief

    090 clone porting and building.

    Anyone have tried and true formula for improving the 090 cylinder?
  5. Josh haver

    WANTED Stihl 090 bar

    Looking for a stihl 090 bar prefer 41"-50" any of y'all have one or know where to get one other than eBay.