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  1. timg

    SOLD Stihl Good Used Cyl's 026,028,034

    These cyl's had light transfer that has been cleaned up without acid. Bores are clean with no heavy scratches or gouges. No broken//missing cooling fins,stripped holes, or mounting issues. Any questions or more pics needed just message me. PayPal goods and services as payment type. Fees and...
  2. Armbru84

    SOLD 028 Project

    Have had this saw for awhile and of a lot of time into it but can’t seem to get it to run right. Have put new seals in it, meteor piston, carb kit, buffers, new chain tensioner, intake manifold, and some other smalls. Have a spare cylinder also and piston that I was told was oem but not sure if...
  3. ShaggyClyde

    025 Big bore

    Is there a big bore kit available for an 025 or is there other piston options if i bore the 025 cylinder to fit a bigger saws piston.