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Advertising Placement and Pricing

You can advertise on OPEforum. First come, first served. Get the rate sheet now.

For Advertising Prices

(You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Thank you in advance for helping to cover the costs of this forum.

In A Nutshell

You'll need to view the PDF via the button above, but basically the pricing goes like this:

  1. Header 240 x 80 $175 /mo.
  2. Header 468 x 60 banner $350 /mo.
  3. Above Sidebar 200 x 200 $175 /mo.
  4. Below Sidebar 200 x 200 $120 /mo. (Gets pushed down on Home page under stats, but not on others.)
  5. Above Top Breadcrumb Navigation Bar 180 x 60 $120 /mo.
  6. Below Top Breadcrumb Navigation Bar 180 x 60 $120 /mo.
  7. Above Content 180 x 60 $120 /mo.
  8. Below Content 180 x 60 $80 /mo.
  9. Below Bottom Breadcrumb Navigation Bar 180 x 60 $80 /mo.
  10. ... Plus some inner page ad prices. (See PDF).


Generally we use PayPal subscriptions for continuous billing on a monthly basis. Need other arrangements?

Jul 21, 2017
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