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  1. Normzilla
  2. MustangMike
    Are you talking about Jeff?
  3. Catman
    Catman MustangMike
    Hey Mustang Mike, was curious why I haven’t seen any Posts from that Retired Police fellow that you know? Regards Catman
    1. Mastermind
      Jeff got 30 days off over political posts.
      Jul 28, 2022
  4. Stump Shot
    Stump Shot
    Saw's, saw's, saw's...
    1. Karavankasbear likes this.
    2. Karavankasbear
      port more saw's
      Jul 14, 2022
      Stump Shot likes this.
  5. mitos
    mitos Ketchup
    Can you some photos of the cylinder?
  6. Datsurb
    Just want to know.....
  7. BlackGreyhound
    Wood lot owner, firewood burner, part time shepherd
  8. Botast
    Botast ray benson
    Ray, any chance you could send me the workshop manual for an echo cs590??
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox
      May 25, 2022
  9. Rcola
    Rcola DC1072
    Is the 660 or the 460 still a available?
  10. IEL Fan
    IEL Fan Maintenance Chief
    If you need any help or parts for a PL-6,7 I have a few good parts left over. I was trying to get to 100 posts so I could post in the swap meet thread, but happy to help you out. I think Carl(67 driver) was looking too
    1. Maintenance Chief likes this.
  11. Cerberus
    Status: Realized I started too-many projects at once, and now have 2/3rds of my powereheads on the bench....gonna need a miracle to finish!
  12. Woody94
    Still annoying neighbour
  13. Funky sawman
    Funky sawman
    The woods is where I belong
  14. hidden-forrest-farmer
    Redmax GZ5000 18" Oregon Speedcut bar Husqvarna 455 Rancher w/ muffmod 20" bar
  15. Qwerty333
    Anyone heard of three angle valve jobs? Isn’t a two stroke piston a valve in essence
  16. jonlobo
    jonlobo Termitebuffet
    how do i get in touch with termitebuffet?
  17. JD22
    JD22 Mastermind
    Hello mastermind, can you help me with some questions I am having regarding ms200t porting and decking? I finally want to make the move and start gaining the hands on experience of decking and porting an ms200t

    Thank you in advance.
    1. Mastermind
      Start a thread in the chainsaw forum. You'll get all the help you need.
      Apr 8, 2022
  18. RockyTheDog
    RockyTheDog rattler
    Please contact me about porting an Echo CS 800 P. I live in the Raleigh area.
  19. BCRJ1978
    ISO pioneer p51 top end
  20. NorcalFlyingsquirrel
    NorcalFlyingsquirrel Mastermind
    On a 201 tcm will removing that mini hoop in line with the main jet from plastic carb devider screw things up? Also have you tried squaring the intake v on the piston for a sharper fuel hit? Its super snappy but I feel it could have a little more torque .03 off base and band 105 125 83 begin v to 75 fuel. Sorry to bother you but Posted a build thread but got no feedback.
    1. Mastermind
      I don't do any of that.
      Mar 25, 2022
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