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  1. av8or3
    av8or3 shorthunter
    Bought a gorgeous Sachs-Dolmar 133 Super at a great price from this gentleman.
  2. BCRJ1978
    ISO flywheel and ignition in working order for Husqvarna 2100
  3. Stump Shot
    Stump Shot
    Got Snow?
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    2. Karavankasbear
      Yes. a good amount, but at day its to warm for the Snow to stay. Think it melt away in the next days
      Nov 29, 2021 at 9:13 AM
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  4. 1 stihl nut
    1 stihl nut
    Completely Irrelevant
  5. BCRJ1978
    ISO SEM coil and flywheel for Husqvarna 2100cd
    1. Pcorbett81
      This is the same ignition I need to get my 056 running
      Nov 26, 2021
  6. StihlJon
    MS 441 port timing numbers?
    1. StihlJon
      Any information would be greatly appreciated! I plan on muffler mod, timing advance, and at least cleaning up intake,exhaust,transfers… but if someone has some good numbers for the saw and will share them? That would be great
      Nov 13, 2021
  7. Bob95065
    Bob95065 Mastermind
    It wanted to post in the classifieds and it says I don't have sufficient privileges to post. What do I need to do to post an ad?
    1. Mastermind
      You have to have 100 posts or more.
      Nov 12, 2021
  8. mtnfir
    mtnfir huskihl
    Hey there, Mastermind said you were the guy to do a Dolmar 5105. Are you taking on any new work?
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    2. huskihl
      Yep. I replied to your pm.
      Nov 9, 2021
  9. EJ mcnamara
    EJ mcnamara mettee
    Can you send me a picture of the pattern you cut in the bar... awesome job by the way keep up the good work
  10. Lcfd1124
    Lcfd1124 ray benson
    Ray do you have access to marine manuals? 1978 mercury thunderbolt 40hp
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Nov 2, 2021
  11. Mattwar6
    Mattwar6 Mattyo
    I’m interested in one of your bearing setting kits if available. thanks for the videos!!
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    2. Mattyo
      Email sent!
      Oct 30, 2021
  12. Darin
  13. Wanab
    Out Cutting Wood...
  14. pinkfireman
    I'm not an arborist by any stretch of the imagination, just a landscaper cleaning up storm damage.
  15. Bobcat78
    Bobcat78 Mastermind
    Do you have a modified carburetor for a 3120. I don't want the epa one. I heard you might have one.
  16. Karavankasbear
    first snow on the Mountains, getting colder
  17. zar001
    zar001 backhoelover
    Hello blackholelover, I was wondering if you had service manuals for a fs91r as well as a fs90r I would greatly appreciate if you cold help me out. Thank you so much in advance! Have a great day!
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox for both.
      Oct 7, 2021
  18. sledneck22
    But is the chain sharp?
  19. BCRJ1978
    Looking for an air filter cover for a 2100cd
    1. timg
      Check with Chris from Traverse Creek. He has an icon at the top of the page. Click on the menu bar when opened and type 2100. It shows all of what he has on hand. He had some of these covers made up in black. He is good peeps.
      Oct 8, 2021
  20. Stump Shot
    Stump Shot
    Fall is for sawing.
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