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  1. davidwyby
  2. davidwyby
  3. Callum
    Just some guy from the land down under, where upside down bars are the right way up.
  4. Jerrylee
    Jerrylee ray benson
    Good evening Mr Benson I hope by the looks of things ur the that guy I've been trying to find. Been looking for the service manuals n ipls for stihls 201tc-m, the 020 and 021. Hope to hear those three beautiful words that everyone is so happy to hear hear from u !!
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Hi Jerry, check your inbox
      May 4, 2021
    2. Jerrylee
      Awesome ur the man
      May 4, 2021
  5. BCRJ1978
    Looking for full wrap handle for 3120xp
  6. Stump Shot
    Stump Shot
    Spring for a new saw!
  7. husky572xpiler
    ...willing to trade a brand new unused 572xp for a 16-18 in so i can say g-bye to a 141 that needs rebuilt dont see how to post here, help
    1. Lightning Performance
      Lightning Performance
      Top of the page find a thread buy clicking on the top symbol there.
      What do need for your 572 in trade?
      May 8, 2021
    2. husky572xpiler
      realize the 572xp is way expensive to trade outright for a 16" saw, i bought it to remove large trees but talked myself out of it due to house and pwr lines... kinna stuck with it unless you have a good suggestion , please , and thanks for your input
      May 10, 2021
  8. Adam G
    Adam G
    Occam's Razor
  9. Cripster31
    Cripster31 Gentleman
    Thanks for adding me.
  10. 1Snowcat
    1Snowcat ray benson
    Any chance I could get manuals for TS700 and TS420
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox
      Apr 1, 2021
  11. anndrew
    anndrew ray benson
    Have you got a manual for a stihl 020 av super please, I'm struggling to regulate the chain oil supply and cant see any way to do it
    1. Jerrylee likes this.
    2. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox
      Mar 25, 2021
  12. bdubya
    bdubya Mattyo
    Hi Matt. I'm looking for a bearing setter. Can you help me. 3522752505 text or call
    1. Mattyo
      Email sent!
      Mar 25, 2021
  13. Themick0017
    Themick0017 ray benson
    Hello Ray, May I have a manual and IPL for an MS461 please!
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox
      Mar 23, 2021
      Themick0017 likes this.
    2. Themick0017
      Thank you ray as always top notch
      Mar 23, 2021
  14. Tulameendude
    My friend and I like the Spring so we can get out in the bush and start cutting fire wood...we choose the biggest dead standing Fir trees.
  15. maximillionmowers
    maximillionmowers ray benson
    Hi Ray. Sorry to bother you. Would you have a workshop manual & ipl for the stihl ms210T
    Mtronic. Also if possible same for the stihl fs460c-em.
    Many thanks
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      No bother, check your inbox - assume you meant 201t mtronic
      Mar 10, 2021
  16. Slumberjack
    Dumb Coonass educated just enough to be dangerous!
  17. JimmyT
    JimmyT Mastermind
    Howdy Randy, I'm looking for a Discontinued Dolmar Coil 181-143-210 for a 5105S. Do you that 166 (Scott) is my best shot.
    JimmyT---Millington TN.
    1. Mastermind
      Probably so. You should send him a message.
      Mar 7, 2021
  18. jcf86mod
    jcf86mod Canadian farm boy
    I notice you're Ontario, be interested in any recommendations of Husky dealers to turn to.
    I have a brother in law south of Toronto, a Stihl man. I get a few bits and pieces scooped up by him and sent down under every now and again, just haven't struck it lucky with a reputable Husky dealer
    Cheers Julian
    1. Canadian farm boy
      Canadian farm boy
      The husky dealer I use is called “The power garage” they are located in Woodstock. They don’t tend to stock much for saw parts. I usually have to order what I need. They are really nice to deal with and the girl that works the parts counter is awesome and a real sweetheart.
      Mar 7, 2021
      jcf86mod likes this.
    2. jcf86mod
      Thanks, that's handy. You are obviously very close to my Brother in Law, he is in Tillsonburg.
      Much appreciated
      Mar 7, 2021
      Canadian farm boy likes this.
  19. jcf86mod
    jcf86mod Canadian farm boy
    Hello @Canadian farm boy
    I'm keeping a close eye on the 357 and 346 build you're doing, the next projects I'll have on my hands all going well.
  20. 49er
    49er Spike60
    [QUOTE="Spike60, post: 1199929, member: 835"]Wouldn't go any richer than 40. 32 is just too much oil IMO. Of course, out in the real world,

    IMHO, before you decide on a oil fuel ratio you need to know how much oil is in the "specially formulated" oil. That is how much of it is oil and how much of it is additives that take up space in the can and does no lubricating.
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