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Tried to resist, but in the end resistance was futile- Cherry Score

Discussion in 'Our Firewood Forum' started by bryanr2, Nov 26, 2018.

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    Dec 4, 2015
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    Neighbor on the street behind me cut down this cherry tree and I drove past it for 2 weeks trying to resist, well today I'd had enough and grabbed my saw and went and loaded it up. He had cut it in 4' lengths and rolled it to the road, I had to move some limbs to get it but Im happy with the score. I cut the logs in to more manageable pieces bc I didnt want a repeat of last night- I was up till 6:30am this morning trying to weather a kidney stone that was on the move. A lot of throwing up from the pain. Finally got to where I could sleep as the sun came up. Back to the wood, He came out and helped me fish the logs out of the pile, then offered me another standing cherry tree same size that he's going to drop in a couple weeks.

    This cherry wood is destined for my smoker. I have a good amount of cherry already worked up, another decent pile of Hickory, and a pile of oak about the size of the truck in the picture. Obviously don't need anymore wood, but cant stand to see it go to waste.

    Also saw some cedar along the road today so I grabbed some of it and will go back for the rest this week. I love burning cedar. Years past, I'll stand out on the porch so I can smell the smoke coming from the stove pipe. CHerry Score 11:25:18 1.jpg CHerry Score 11:25:18 2.jpg CHerry Score 11:25:18 3.jpg

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