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Building a place to sawmill logs

Discussion in 'Construction' started by Lightning Performance, Sep 4, 2019.

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    As the title suggests, lumber and live edge. The type of mill going there really does not matter imo. 10x30 footprint.

    It will be post and beam or timer frame hybrid. Expensive plates, fasteners and anchor systems will not be used. Post or bent in the ground. Ten foot on centers for the posts. Wooden pegs and bolts for cross beams to posts. I have plenty of steel sheet roof.
    The beams and post can be any size required. Plenty of trees around here. 6x6 post and ? on the beams. Have a pile of pine and spruce to seventeen foot long. Some fat ones in there to. Hardwoods are available in oak and better if needed. I don't have Wadnees big bucks now mind you :-/

    Thinking of laying large purins from one side beam to another, sitting on top, notched into the beams tied to the posts. 1 12 pitch or less off the ten foot end.

    Basically a sloped second floor if it was a timber frame building.

    Purin size ???

    Take note: was no mention of rafters or more crap I don't need. Less is more. Three foot wet snow load is the goal. We get ice storms and this will be under trees and subjected to Heavy Ice and Snow impacts from my huge red cedar. Poor tree is beat up from ice, again.

    Edit: 4:22
    There appears to be no clear answer to the questions of beam and purin size for this type of build. I have read all the basics and understand that this is not rocket science just a basic roof over head. I'm not doing that much math to need an engineer. The purins will be 3x6 or 3x8 12ft long, rough cut. Still the question of rim beam height...
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