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  1. reviewertips
  2. MattG
    MattG Canadian farm boy
    thanks for the reply on the bearing question, kinda thought I guessed right, as that was only way that had the inner races on symmetrical to the crank, but appreciate the confirmation!
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  3. exSW
    Lonesome,ornery and mean
    1. maulhead
      On a greyhound bus....
      Sep 17, 2017 at 11:10 AM
  4. exSW
  5. Big John capp
    Big John capp
    Looking for stihl ms 362 service manual and parts diagram
  6. TreeLife
    I never used to be scared.
  7. Donald R Pressing
    Donald R Pressing backhoelover
    I would be interested in the 066 manual if possible.
    1. backhoelover
      Sure I'll send it when I get home pm me your email address
      Sep 14, 2017
  8. backhoelover
    backhoelover Barneyrb
    was trying to send pm couldnt. was wondering about the 250 do you have prices. if you have one that is complete that doesnt run i would like to have that one. always wanted to own and work on one
  9. Lightning Performance
    Lightning Performance
    Want to be first on race day and it wont be a Ford.
  10. Skinnyminnie
    Gobblin' gummi bears
  11. Stump Shot
    Stump Shot
    I see Mini-Macs!
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    2. Jon1212
      You'll be seeing more, very soon dot dot dot
      Sep 4, 2017
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    3. Stump Shot
      Stump Shot
      Mini-Macs, with dots! Yay!!!
      Sep 4, 2017
  12. TreeLife
    When I swaddle my daughter...I call her a baby burrito
    1. JSD__MS066
      When my daughter was little she had a habit of crawling around and chewing paper she could find. Magazines and newspaper stuff. Her nickname for a while was Baby Termite
      Sep 1, 2017
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  13. Dub11
    And everything under the sun is in tune, But the sun is eclipsed by the moon!
  14. MattG
    MattG Definitive Dave
    Thanks for the rep re. the spacer, will message you if I get stuck.
  15. Jeronimo
    Jeronimo ray benson
    Hi Ray, you appear to be the Service Manual guru -- I am looking for the service manual for a Stihl 362 C-M but can only find the 362 and 362 C versions. Any help is appreciated.
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox
      Aug 17, 2017
  16. TreeLife
    Who ever sells chain by the loop contact me
    ARPILOT how57
    WOW How ! just WOW.....
    1. how57 likes this.
  18. brucestihl
    brucestihl Mattyo
    I am also interested in the crank tool, will it work on the 026 and price
    1. Mattyo
      message sent
      Aug 13, 2017
  19. stihl livin
    stihl livin
    Saw less at the moment
    ARPILOT Frank bierce
    Agreed danimal ! way to go Frank !
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